About Us

From Dream to Reality

Camp Land’s End is a dream we have nurtured for a long time and through this endeavour, it is our aim to create unforgettable memories that our guests can treasure.
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The Local Community 

The local communities have graciously welcomed Camp Land’s End in their midst and we strive to support them by employing people from nearby villages. It’s the local women in particular who, along with the others, take great pride in taking care of the camp. Not only does this empower women, but also provides tremendous financial stability. We feel this is our little way of giving back to the local communities.

A Family-Run Venture

The Camp is a family-run venture and the ladies of the house take great care and pride in showcasing the culinary delights of Rajasthan. As a result of this, our guests get to sample some of the most authentic and exotic dishes which are our in-house specialties, some of which have been handed down generations.

Artisan Design

It gives us tremendous joy and pride to inform our guests that our 13 cottages were constructed by local artisans in the traditional thatched-roof style, which is an age-old craft, but with reinforced concrete and modern architectural elements coming in, is now a dying art. The layering of straw and grass creates natural and eco-friendly insulation, thereby making these thatches very environment friendly and practical.


Camp Land’s End is dedicated to sustainability. Our water purification system eliminates the need for plastic water bottles, and we are conscious of efficient water use in this dry drought-prone region. We at Camp Land's End remain committed to running an experience where it's possible to enjoy the serendipity of raw beautiful nature in all its purity... Let your senses guide you. We look forward to welcoming you.